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View from my Window

Maurie Harrington

Killington, Vermont USA

Artwork: View from my Window

Photography: Paul Forlenza

Trees somehow have a way of sneaking into my paintings. They are like people - all different colors, shapes and sizes. From an artist's point of view, the combinations are endless.

Living in Vermont, we experience a wide variety of colors and light in the fall. Winter brings an abundance of white fluffy snow. It clings to the trees creating another of God's masterpieces.

As I grow older, I enjoy looking at the tall trees that once were seedlings. Nature is the source of much of my inspiration. I prefer painting on location rather than in my studio - there is something spiritual about sitting quietly sketching or painting "in" the landscape.

To save a tree is to save the world. Try to imagine a landscape without a tree. What a sad sight that would be. We can make a difference. When the trees talk to us, we must listen.

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