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Hummingbird Fantasy

Carol Amy Roth

New Haven, Vermont USA

Artwork: Gaea
Hummingbird Fantasy

Photography: Balfour Studios

Woodturning has brought together all of my strengths as an artist and let me experience the wild ride of being totally immersed in the color, texture, form and spirit of each sacred piece of wood. I never know what a certain piece will become until I've finished turning it. It is always a wondrous surprise.

One of the most significant gifts my woodturning has given to me, and let me share with others, is the way each piece reveals the incredible beauty and the secrets which lie within "just another piece of dead, rotted wood."

They are my offering - an elegy for each unappreciated tree on this Earth.

GAEA: 5" high X 14" wide. Cherry burl with walnut base.

This piece has touched my heart more than any other; a metaphor for the precarious state of our Earth. The name comes from Greek mythology. Gaea (the goddess of the Earth) arose out of Chaos (the great void of emptiness) with Eros (the god of love). She gave birth to Pontus (the sea) and Uranus (the sky).

HUMMINGBIRD FANTASY: 8" high X 14' wide. Wormy cherry burl with walnut base.

This piece is not only shaped as the name implies, it is also a visual commemoration of trees as vessels; as collectors, protectors and providers for all natural life.

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