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Old Red Oak, Battelle Wilderness

Emily Sloan

Worcester, Vermont USA

Artwork: Old Red Oak

I grew up in Vermont and began taking pictures when I was 12. Throughout my life, I have photographed landscapes of trees all over the world. I am currently the photographer for an environmental organization called Forest Watch (www.forestwatch.org) which works to protect, create and restore wilderness in Vermont.

Trees are a symbol of life for me. They support life, give life, breathe life and grace us with their beauty, courage and warmth.

My current work allows me to escape into the quiet and majesty of old-growth forests in Vermont. I take pictures of these rare and special places to increase people's awareness so these critical habitats can be permanently protected.

The image of this 250-300 year-old red oak growing in the Battelle Wilderness was printed, scanned into a computer and digitally modified using a filter called "Glass" to obtain the desired visual effect.

When I walk in the forest, alone, with my camera, I am without stress - I am living in the moment - quiet and peaceful. I am often giddy with joy to be in the presence of such beauty and magnificence. The trees give me the gift of life and light within. They are my friends and family and surround the home where I live.

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