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Fiber and Granite

Nancy Stone

Williston, Vermont USA

Artwork: Fiber and Granite

We live by the wood. From my bedroom window, I awake to the rosy branches at sunrise and fall asleep to the moon laced by twigs. Each autumn we drive the tractor to cut down birch and maple for heating our home during the winter. In the spring, I watch the magic changes every day; in the summer, special friends are invited to share a walk.

All during my painting life, the images of trees keep re-appearing as subject matter. "Anthem" was inspired by a tree we discovered at the top of a granite mountain in Texas; its deep Life-giving roots symbolize Faith. "Tapestry" came from my habit of sitting in a dark kitchen to watch the sun rise behind the trees.

"Dusk to Dawn" was a two-year project that helped me heal after my father's death. I'd awake during the summer nights to glimpse the darkness, my visual metaphor for death. The woods revealed neither silence nor fear; the crickets' cadence brought dawn with a promise of hope.

Our twenty acres of woods have become a sacred place.

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