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The Tree of Life and Death

Annemie Curlin

Charlotte, Vermont USA

Artwork: The Tree of Life and Death

My relationship with Trees:

Aside from human beings, amongst all the creatures of this world, I feel the closest kinship with trees.

I had a dream in which I embraced a tree and I KNEW what it was to be a tree. The feeling is only a shadow, but the memory is still powerful.

My Art and Trees:

My subjects, for the most part, are nature, women and the opposing poles of celebrations and catastrophes. Water, fire, trees and circles are archetypal images that hold a perennial attraction for me. I experience our physical world as heartbreakingly beautiful and feel compelled to celebrate it. This joy and reverence are laced through with sadness; personal sadness about mutability and death and larger sadness about the extinction of so many species due to environmental destruction.

I don't deceive myself about the irrelevance of picture-making at this time. Why paint, why plant trees, why give life to a child? I have no rational answer, save that it's beautiful and sufficient to itself, even if it were the last painting, tree, or child.

The "Tree of Life and Death" is a mythic image that taps into something very old and universal for me.

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